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078: Best in Series: Star Wars Movies

A long time ago in a Gudio far, far away...

In great anticipation for the LAST JEDI two intergalactic podcasters convened to get to the bottom of the greatest STAR WARS debate of them all... what's the best movie in the franchise?

To help us along the way we used the categories below, set to a completely arbitrary scoring system. Chime in on Twitter and let us know your favorites in the franchise! @MACandGUpodcast

Best/Worst Opening Crawl
Best/Worst Planet
Best/Worst Music
Best/Worst Droid
Best/Worst Puppet|CGI|Costumed Character
Best/Worst Space Craft
Best/Worst Moment
Too much screen time? Too little?
Best/Worst Special Edition Changes
Best/Worst Battle
Best/Worst Non-Vader Villain
Best/Worst Lightsaber Duel
Best/Worst Delivery of a Line
Best/Worst Ending