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107: Best in Series: The Marvel Cinematic Universe ft. Rich Keefe

Rich Keefe of the #DORK Podcast joins us to help determine the definitive best and worst movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's the third edition of Best in Series!

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Use our questions and play along at home:

Best/Worst weapon/suit?
Best/Worst costume adaptation?
Best/Worst origin story?
Best/Worst villain?
Best/Worst character change?
Best/Worst music?
Best/Worst secondary character?
Best/Worst twist?
Best/Worst death?
Best/Worst moment?
Best/Worst delivery of a line?
Best/Worst fight/battle?
Best/Worst post-credit scene?
Best/Worst use of powers?
Best/Worst screenshot?
Most disappointing/surprisingly good movie?
Character with too much screen time, character with not enough?
Which movie holds the most/least weight in the MCU?