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130: Best in Series: The X-Men Franchise

With the franchise now possibly done, we determine the definitive best and worst movies in the X-Men universe. It's the fourth edition of Best in Series!

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Use our questions and play along at home:

Best/Worst Origin Story?
Best/Worst Adapted Costume?
Best/Worst Adapted Mutation?
Best/Worst Use of Mutation?
Best/Worst Villain?
Best/Worst Character Change from the Comics or Through the Arc of the Movies?
Best/Worst Music?
Best/Worst Delivered Line/Dialogue/Quote?
Best/Worst Fight or Fight Scene?
Best/Worst Screenshot
Best/Worst Moment
Most Disappointing/Surprisingly Good Movie
Character that has gotten too much screen time, character that hasn’t gotten enough?
Best/Worst Character Death?
Best/Worst Post-Credit Scene?
Which Movie Holds the Most/Least Weight in the Universe?