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Pokémon Draft: Original 151

We bring in Pokémon draft experts Chris "McShay" Scheim and Ken "Kiper" Borter for a swashbuckling draft of the original 151 Pokémon. Primary ground rules include using the generation three mechanics (Fire Red/Leaf Green) applied to the generation one 'mon. No Mew or Mewto, you have to draft one starter, and legendary birds ARE on the table. Join us as we navigate the Kanto region building the best 'starting six' and in order to become Pokémon Master and defeat that loser Gary! #GottaCatchEmAll

Who reached? What was the best pick? Can you build a better 'starting six' with the undrafted 'mon?

Look for the Twitter poll and give us all your thoughts/opinions: @MACandGUpodcast!